Monday, January 12, 2009

Little Tinkerbell!!!

The theme for Layla's 1st birthday was Tinkerbell. We celebrated with my family in Monroe and decorated the house to look like Tink's garden. We had tissue paper flowers, streamers, and balloons in greens, pinks, and purples. We ate "Tink-tators" (a.k.a. Potato bar) and drank "Fairy-punch" (a.k.a. lemonade with pop-rocks). Because Layla has boy cousins who would rather not come to a pink Tinkerbell party, we also included pirates in the theme and added "Captain Hook Chili" to our meal. When the kiddos arrived, the girls were given Tink tiara's and wands to match Layla's. The boys were given pirate patches and black bandanna's (just Gray and Jace of course). We ate dinner, opened presents, ate cake and ice-cream, and visited. It was a fun first birthday - even if she won't remember it :)
(Notice the t.v. show playing as we ate. It was Tinkerbell the movie but turned to regular t.v. when the boys showed up.) Gray, Adison, Jace, & Maycie were all big helps when it came to opening presents.

We usually try to include both sides of the family for one big party but because Layla's birthday is so close to Christmas (and this year we celebrated Christmas day in Ephraim) we didn't want the Jenkins to have to drive so much, so we had a second party the Saturday after Christmas. We decorated cupcakes with pirate swords and Tinkerbell sprinkles and different colored frosting. Then opened presents and put on our Tinkerbell and pirate tattoo's.

"The boys" wanted a front row seat to the present opening part of the party. (Gray, Mason, Issac, Tyce, & Caleb). Sister-in-law Aubrey took the sweetest pics of Layla's party but I'm still trying to figure out how to put them on the blog without looking tacky. At least my scrapbooks look great :)

We are so glad that we are able to spend birthday's with Grandma's and Papa's, Cousins, and Aunt's and Uncles. Thanks to everyone who made Layla's day so special!


The Wheeler Family said...

How adorable!!! You're so creative and Layla looks as cute as ever. Her picture in the paper was so cute too! You're so lucky to have your family so close.

Diana & CJ said...

What a cute theme for her party. So fun. Happy Birthday Layla!