Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Okay Dev, this ones for you!
1.Where did you meet your husband?
John and I met at SUU-he was friends with my friends and I was friends with his. The rest is history.

2.How long did you date before you got married?
About a year and a half. We were engaged in March and married in June.

3.How long have you been married?
Five amazing years.

4.What does he do that surprises you?
He still compliments me EVERYDAY, even when I look like poop. Oh, and he has always kissed me and the kids before he leaves for work, even when we are sleeping. I love that.

5.What is your favorite feature of his?
John has nice muscular legs not chicken legs and I love his broad shoulders. Very sexy!

6.What is your favorite quality of his?
Where do I begin. He's loyal, he loves his kids and wife and truly makes his life about us. He loves and lives the gospel and teaches me. He is crazy funny and sometimes we just sit around and laugh together. He is friends with everyone and easy going so with my sometimes uptight personality we make the perfect couple.

7.Does he have a nickname for you?
Deids, sweet Deids, dirty Deids (AC/DC), and Deirdra Ann when I'm in trouble.

8.What is his favorite food?
Anything, but he really likes pork chops and curry chicken.

9.What is his favorite sport?

10.When and where was your first kiss?
It was just after we first started dating and we kissed while watching a movie in my college apartment.

11.What is your favorite thing to do as a couple?
Literally doing anything together but probably snowboarding and watching movies. There are other things but I won't mention them on this blog :)

12.Do you have any children?
Two-a handsome son and a beautiful daughter!

13.Does he have any hidden talents?
Most of our close friends know but John is an awesome impersonator. He has me laughing so hard sometimes I think I could pee my pants.

14.How old is he?
He'll be thirty-two in December.

15.Who said I love you first?
Definitely John-It was a couple of months after he said it that I finally did. Sorry babe!

16.What is his favorite music?
He loves everything. Hard rock, hip-hop, but he doesn't really love country. I think the guys at work are working on that one.

17.What do you admire most about him?
That he is a family man first and foremost.

18.What is his favorite color?
Maybe blue, although I don't think he really has one.

19.Will he read this?
If I turn on the computer and sit him down in front of it, or if I read this to him which I will.

20.Who do you tag?
Shera, Keish, Heidi, Aubrie, and Mandy-give us the goods!

Monday, September 22, 2008

I DID IT....26.2 MILES!!!

On Saturday, Shera and I ran in the "Top of Utah" marathon in Logan. We had been training for this marathon since last March and I am so excited that we were able to finish. It was quite the race. We woke up at 4:00 a.m. and had to be to the buses by 5. Then the marathon coordinators bussed us up to Hardware Ranch canyon. We arrived just after 6:00 and started to prepare for the race. It had sprinkled a little on the way up the canyon but luckily we were saved from the rain, it was really cold that morning. Now comes the crazy part. I had to pump behind the port-a-potties before the race started. (Layla is nine months and refuses a bottle so this was my only option. By the time the race was over, six hours later, I thought I was going to pop.) Anyway, the race was about to start so we made our way down the road to the starting line where thousands, truly, of people were already waiting. It was so cool to see all of the different types and ages of people. The guns went off and we waited for the people in front of us to begin. I was so nervous that I gave myself a stomach ache and it didn't go away until after the second mile marker. It was about that time that we saw a man kneeling down on the side of the road bleeding from his nose with EMT's at his side. (Come to find out, he tripped and face-planted into the pavement but decided that he wasn't going to quit and eventually passed us with bandages covering his head. It was his 200 and something marathon. Crazy, I know). Then we saw a grandma, probably early 70's, running in front of us and after we passed her, Shera said something about "for our own pride I hope we finish before her". Unfortunately, grandma beat us. But we met some really cool people running that cheered us on and we cheer for them as well. My personal favorite was the man in the kilt and a husband and wife team. You could tell this was her first time and he was just there for support because he was eating donuts while running and giving her advise. We ran 15 miles down the canyon before we were able to see our families. I wanted to cry when I saw John, the kids, my parents, and all my sisters all there cheering me on. It was around mile 16 that I hit a wall. My knees were giving out on me and poor Shera was so sick to her stomach. (It was her worst run; she was cramping from mile 2 until the finish line and her hip was really bothering her as well.) I really started to have my doubts about being able to finish until my sister Kami jumped in the race and ran with us from mile 18 to 19. Then my sister Tresha ran from 19 to 20 and from there on, both Kami and Tresha ran with us until close to the finish line. They each ran about 7 miles and were only planning on 1 to 2 miles. But they talked us through the pains and kept our minds focused. Around mile 22, we ran passed a house that was blasting the song, "The final countdown", and Kami sang for us. Poor Tresha wore my old running shoes that were too little and she ended up with a big blister on her ankle, but never said a word until after the marathon. My dad and mom met me at every mile and cheered me on. My sister Julie helped John with the kids; driving them from mile marker to mile marker and changing dirty diapers. (I really owe you one for Layla's blow-out). Then at mile 25, Julie told John she would take the kids to the finish line so John could run with me. John and I finished the race TOGETHER! My end time was 05:47:14. I don't think my family knows how much I appreciate them being there or how much they helped me through the race. (On a side note, the guy who finished the race first came in at a time of 02:22:57. Shera's dad also ran and ended with a time of 04:15:19). Shera and I weren't racing for time but we had to finish before 6 hours. AND WE DID!!! I am so proud of us. Back in March when we decided to train, we had both just had our second baby. It's been quite the journey. You'll have to go to her blog to hear all about our crazy cat story. Also back in March I asked John if he would help me with the marathon. Some nights he would come home from work and I would literally throw the kids on him and go running for hours. He has been so supportive with all my crazy ideas and I love him, which makes me wonder why I don't have more pics of him and I on the blog. He really is the best husband and dad. Well, there's my novel. I can now check a marathon off my top ten list. Shera we rock!
I'm waiting for my marathon pics to be developed so stay tuned....

Monday, September 8, 2008

Last weekend we went to Nephi Canyon for the Jenkins family reunion. We were only able to spend a few hours on Saturday night and Sunday morning but it was fun to visit and see everyone.

Granny Great and Layla

Gramps singing around the campfire is my favorite part!

On Sunday, Grandma read books to Gray and Layla in the trailer.


Five days in Yellowstone with family....what more could you ask for!
My sister-in-law Mandy invited our family and Tyler's family to spend Labor-day weekend with them at a family's cabin in Island Park. We were only about 25 minutes from the west entrance of Yellowstone. We took the lower loop the first day (Friday) and were able to see many waterfalls, geyser's, as well as Old Faithful, and ended our day in Grant Village. Saturday we ventured the top loop which includes Mammoth Hot Springs. Sunday's trip took us through Jackson Hole, Grand Teton National Park, back up through the south entrance of Yellowstone, past Yellowstone Lake to Tower-Roosevelt. Labor-Day we headed home but not before stopping at Bear World (Grayson's favorite stop throughout the trip) in Rexburg Idaho. We had two DVD players (one for each kid) and somehow they managed the trip very well. It was an amazing weekend for both the kids and John and I. Thanks again Mandy. It was so much fun.
The Wildlife of Yellowstone The waterfalls were beautifulTaking a lunch breakGeyser'sOld FaithfulLayla wanted to push instead of ridePure Chunk!!!Twins and yes, more twinsLayla's favorite stop was hanging out on the lawnFun nights at the CabinWe were quite the site, eight kids and six adultsMud VolcanoMore geyser'sThe Grand-canyon of YellowstoneBear World. The white elk in the background is albino- Supposedly one in six million. John couldn't stop looking at it.There were two wolves in with the bears, weird I knowDaddy GrizzlyLots and lots of bears, probably 35-40 when we drove throughThe baby bears we caged. Can you tell that Gray loved them?Notice how Gray is coming out of the bear head. He thought this was great fun.Gray at the petting zoo. He went crazy running around from animal to animal. I think they were a bit overwhelmed.Sis loved the fawnsI actually got to pet the moose, but obviously, he's on the move in this pic.Bear World also has amusement rides