Sunday, November 30, 2008


I was so excited to eat that I didn't take one picture on Thanksgiving day, how pathetic am I? But we had a great Thanksgiving at brother Trent's house this year. I decided to make John's great great Grandma's stuffing and I have to admit it turned out yummy. Lots of food and fun games with the fam-what could be better! Julie, Cory & Maycie stayed at our house that night so the next morning I got a cute pic of Layla and Maycie in all their bed-head glory. Future BFF's!!

The friday after Thanksgiving is always our annual "Christmas tree hunting" day. We all look forward to this day as much as Thanksgiving. This year we choose Monroe mountain. It was the perfect day-we had snow for the kids to play in and oh yes, another turkey waiting for us at home! Dad, Mom, Trent, Kami, and Julie all got trees.

Both Gray and Layla fell asleep on the way home (Layla is under the blanket). It was a good thing Cody had his Rhino, our 4-wheeler was too cold for the kiddos-and Cody's dog, or should I say baby, Weezer :)

Later that night we celebrated Jace's six birthday at Kami's house. Jace had a Curious George cake. I still can't believe he is six.
Happy Birthday Jace!!!

Grandma Nikki and Layla in her cute new winter vest! I love the holiday's. Can't wait for Christmas!!!

Sunday, November 23, 2008


Last weekend was mom's night out and we had so much fun! We left on Friday at 1:00 and headed to American Fork. We went shopping and ate at the Olive Garden and then headed to the Twilight movie at 10:00. We had mixed feelings about the movie as you can tell from the picture (Thumbs up or thumbs down). But I lOVED IT!!! I seriously forgot about comparing the movie to the book, because I knew it would never live up to my expectations if I did, and just enjoyed my night out. We got a motel for Friday and went shopping ALL day Saturday. We were also able to hit the Moonlight Madness sale at Gardner Village. If you have never been-you are missing out. We shopped so long that we didn't make it home until close to 11:00 on Saturday. Did I mention how much I love my husband who stayed at home all weekend long and didn't have a come-apart at my excessive shopping.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

New Flower Clippies!!!

We have new flower clippies!!!They are interchangeable with our crocheted beanies and headbands or wear them alone. They are ADORABLE!!!Check us out at

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Happy Veterans Day!!!

Here's to all the veterans (including my Dad) and their families who have sacrificed so much for us all. We love you and we thank you!!! They Did Their Share

On Veteran’s Day we honor
Soldiers who protect our nation.
For their service as our warriors,
They deserve our admiration.
Some of them were drafted;
Some were volunteers;
For some it was just yesterday;
For some it’s been many years;

In the jungle or the desert,
On land or on the sea,
They did whatever was assigned
To produce a victory.

Some came back; some didn’t.
They defended us everywhere.
Some saw combat; some rode a desk;
All of them did their share.

No matter what the duty,
For low pay and little glory,
These soldiers gave up normal lives,
For duties mundane and gory.

Let every veteran be honored;
Don’t let politics get in the way.
Without them, freedom would have died;
What they did, we can’t repay.

We owe so much to them,
Who kept us safe from terror,
So when we see a uniform,
Let’s say "thank you" to every wearer.
By Joanna Fuchs

Monday, November 10, 2008

Layla Kate!!!

My sweet Layla Kate!!!
My sister Julie and I took Layla to get her 9-month pictures (even though she is now 10 1/2 months...oops!) and they turned out so cute!!! Here are a couple of my favorites.

Just thought you might like to know where she gets her nose, chubby cheeks and dimples! This is my 10 month old pic!
So today is the first day that I let Layla cry herself to sleep. She still gets up two times a night and I feed her and get her back to sleep, but John and I are physically exhausted and we just can't do it anymore. I am blogging right now because I can hear her crying and I'm about to give-up.
She didn't calm down for a good twenty minutes. I am still stressed out about it and feel like the worst mom ever. Poor Layla, this is how she finally fell asleep. Don't look at the miss-matched clothes, it is a laundry day.

Monday, November 3, 2008

We love Dwight!!!

Thanks to sister-in-law Mandy's blog I remembered our fun "girls night out" in St. George a couple of months ago. We met sister-in-law Aubrie and went shopping, out to dinner (anytime you can eat without kids is a good time) and to Les Miserable at Tuacan. It was so much fun!!! I'm really lucky to have such cute sister-in-laws.
Also I have to post this pic. I stole it from Aub's blog and I'm still laughing about it. Any Dwight fans out there?

October in Review!!!!

I can't believe it is already November! October flew by for us (hence the lack of blogging) so now I'm going to attempt to fit all of our October activities into one blog. So here goes....

First, here are the marathon pics I promised.
Not sure what I was looking at but it is the only close-up pic of us running

My sweet hubby finished the last 1/2 mile with me and we crossed the finish line together!All of my "supporters". Dad, Mom, Tresha, Me, John, Kami, Julie, and Gray and Layla in the jogger. I love my family!My running buddy Shera-we both look so good!The men in my family have always been big on hunting, so the girls (my sisters and I) have a big sleep-over at mom's every year. We usually stay up all night playing games but this year around 2:00 in the morning we went toilet papering. It was seriously scary! I haven't gone toilet papering since I was in middle school. I have to admit we didn't do a very good job, I guess we were rusty, but it was still so much fun! I'm still trying to get John to go toilet-papering with me around Monroe. Thanks mom for sleeping with the kids until we got back. By the way, you can't tell by the picture but we line up four big mattresses and sleep on the living room floor.Can you tell who is more excited? Hmmm...John thought it was time to take Gray to the South Sevier football game. Gray informed me that it was only for boys and so sis and I had to stay at home. Mom and sis waving bye to the boys. Adison turns 3!!! My sweet niece Adi celebrated her birthday on October 11th. We ate sloppy-joes, and cake and ice-cream. Then we visited while the kiddos played and of course fought over toys. Not quite sure why I didn't get the cake in this picture?Adi got a necklace which Gray thought was pretty cool. John was not exceptionally happy however that I took this picture! Anyway, it looks like we put lipstick on him but it's from his sloppy-joe. I know he'll just love this pic when he gets older.

Dad pulled Gray and Layla all over the house on his sleeping bag one night and then it somehow turned into an every night event. Poor Layla would hang on for dear life but she loved it.

Also in October, my niece Aspen turned 8 and was baptized. It was an awesome meeting. Later that day, we had a potato bar and visited with family at Ty's house. (Papa Wayne, John, Tyler, Kurtis, Jordan, Matt, and sweet Aspen).

My fam!!! And uncle Matt's cell phone!!! My sister-in-law Amanda had the cutest scarecrow's at her house so we stole her idea and made our own. Poor John just got home from work but was a good sport and humored me. My brother Brett also showed up just in time to be put to work. Layla and Gray were big helps as well!!!The finished product! Yes I really am a good mom but Gray decided he didn't want his coat on for the picture. John drew faces on the pumpkins and they looked a little freaky after that.

The kids love to wrestle their daddy!!! I think our little Layla Kate might turn out to be quite the spit-fire. She gets down and dirty with her brother.

My beautiful Layla Kate in all her naughtiness!!!! Yes this was a day where she watched herself while I made bows. Check out the mess behind her. That was only the beginning!

Just chillin' in her brother's Diego jeep!!!My handsome Gray-bug!!! He's destined for a career in football!!!

His new "snow clothes". He wasn't about to wait for the snow so he wore them around the house. ALL night long!!!We love Halloween!!! My old roommates and I get together every year and have a Halloween party for the kids. This year it was at Jessica's and she did a great job of hosting.

Arrrg Matees!!!! (That's probably not even how you even spell it. I'm such a dork!)Gray, Layla, Lyndin, Kennedy, Gavin, Colby, Jaden, and AriJohn tried to get off early for Halloween but with no prevail. So I loaded the kids in the jogger and we old-school trick-or-treated. No trunk or treats for us!!! We had fun visiting Gray's friends and showing off their costumes.

(Notice the sucker in Layla's hand. I figured she wouldn't eat it with the wrapper on, however, she managed to bite a hole in the back of the sucker where I could not see and by the time we were through she had managed to suck an indent into the sucker).

John came home and we headed to Grandma's. Grandma was a 50's gal for Halloween, just so everyone is clear that this is not her normal up-do!!! (Julie holding Maycie, Grandma, Gray, Me holding Layla, Michael, Kami holding Jace, and Teven). Michael and Tev were good sports about getting their picture taken. They think they are now "too old" for dress-up. This year we missed Grandma and Grandpa Jenkins!!! They headed North for some shopping but we have some cute pics to show them.

We had an eventful October. We are excited for Thanksgiving and hope that November is just as busy and fun!!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


So the last time that I blogged was litterally a month ago, not good I know. But Shera and I have started a new business and we have been quite busy. Our new business is dimples-n-daisies and we make little girl hairbows, tutu's, nursing covers (obviously for moms), beanies, ect. We have worked really hard and our proud of our products. We would really appreciate it if you would all add our button to your own blogs. The instructions are on our website at Please check us out! Also, if you are interested, we do "bow-parties" and if you would like to host, you get a $30 credit to buy whatever product you would like. Thanks to all of you who have already ordered from dimples-n-daisies!!!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Okay Dev, this ones for you!
1.Where did you meet your husband?
John and I met at SUU-he was friends with my friends and I was friends with his. The rest is history.

2.How long did you date before you got married?
About a year and a half. We were engaged in March and married in June.

3.How long have you been married?
Five amazing years.

4.What does he do that surprises you?
He still compliments me EVERYDAY, even when I look like poop. Oh, and he has always kissed me and the kids before he leaves for work, even when we are sleeping. I love that.

5.What is your favorite feature of his?
John has nice muscular legs not chicken legs and I love his broad shoulders. Very sexy!

6.What is your favorite quality of his?
Where do I begin. He's loyal, he loves his kids and wife and truly makes his life about us. He loves and lives the gospel and teaches me. He is crazy funny and sometimes we just sit around and laugh together. He is friends with everyone and easy going so with my sometimes uptight personality we make the perfect couple.

7.Does he have a nickname for you?
Deids, sweet Deids, dirty Deids (AC/DC), and Deirdra Ann when I'm in trouble.

8.What is his favorite food?
Anything, but he really likes pork chops and curry chicken.

9.What is his favorite sport?

10.When and where was your first kiss?
It was just after we first started dating and we kissed while watching a movie in my college apartment.

11.What is your favorite thing to do as a couple?
Literally doing anything together but probably snowboarding and watching movies. There are other things but I won't mention them on this blog :)

12.Do you have any children?
Two-a handsome son and a beautiful daughter!

13.Does he have any hidden talents?
Most of our close friends know but John is an awesome impersonator. He has me laughing so hard sometimes I think I could pee my pants.

14.How old is he?
He'll be thirty-two in December.

15.Who said I love you first?
Definitely John-It was a couple of months after he said it that I finally did. Sorry babe!

16.What is his favorite music?
He loves everything. Hard rock, hip-hop, but he doesn't really love country. I think the guys at work are working on that one.

17.What do you admire most about him?
That he is a family man first and foremost.

18.What is his favorite color?
Maybe blue, although I don't think he really has one.

19.Will he read this?
If I turn on the computer and sit him down in front of it, or if I read this to him which I will.

20.Who do you tag?
Shera, Keish, Heidi, Aubrie, and Mandy-give us the goods!

Monday, September 22, 2008

I DID IT....26.2 MILES!!!

On Saturday, Shera and I ran in the "Top of Utah" marathon in Logan. We had been training for this marathon since last March and I am so excited that we were able to finish. It was quite the race. We woke up at 4:00 a.m. and had to be to the buses by 5. Then the marathon coordinators bussed us up to Hardware Ranch canyon. We arrived just after 6:00 and started to prepare for the race. It had sprinkled a little on the way up the canyon but luckily we were saved from the rain, it was really cold that morning. Now comes the crazy part. I had to pump behind the port-a-potties before the race started. (Layla is nine months and refuses a bottle so this was my only option. By the time the race was over, six hours later, I thought I was going to pop.) Anyway, the race was about to start so we made our way down the road to the starting line where thousands, truly, of people were already waiting. It was so cool to see all of the different types and ages of people. The guns went off and we waited for the people in front of us to begin. I was so nervous that I gave myself a stomach ache and it didn't go away until after the second mile marker. It was about that time that we saw a man kneeling down on the side of the road bleeding from his nose with EMT's at his side. (Come to find out, he tripped and face-planted into the pavement but decided that he wasn't going to quit and eventually passed us with bandages covering his head. It was his 200 and something marathon. Crazy, I know). Then we saw a grandma, probably early 70's, running in front of us and after we passed her, Shera said something about "for our own pride I hope we finish before her". Unfortunately, grandma beat us. But we met some really cool people running that cheered us on and we cheer for them as well. My personal favorite was the man in the kilt and a husband and wife team. You could tell this was her first time and he was just there for support because he was eating donuts while running and giving her advise. We ran 15 miles down the canyon before we were able to see our families. I wanted to cry when I saw John, the kids, my parents, and all my sisters all there cheering me on. It was around mile 16 that I hit a wall. My knees were giving out on me and poor Shera was so sick to her stomach. (It was her worst run; she was cramping from mile 2 until the finish line and her hip was really bothering her as well.) I really started to have my doubts about being able to finish until my sister Kami jumped in the race and ran with us from mile 18 to 19. Then my sister Tresha ran from 19 to 20 and from there on, both Kami and Tresha ran with us until close to the finish line. They each ran about 7 miles and were only planning on 1 to 2 miles. But they talked us through the pains and kept our minds focused. Around mile 22, we ran passed a house that was blasting the song, "The final countdown", and Kami sang for us. Poor Tresha wore my old running shoes that were too little and she ended up with a big blister on her ankle, but never said a word until after the marathon. My dad and mom met me at every mile and cheered me on. My sister Julie helped John with the kids; driving them from mile marker to mile marker and changing dirty diapers. (I really owe you one for Layla's blow-out). Then at mile 25, Julie told John she would take the kids to the finish line so John could run with me. John and I finished the race TOGETHER! My end time was 05:47:14. I don't think my family knows how much I appreciate them being there or how much they helped me through the race. (On a side note, the guy who finished the race first came in at a time of 02:22:57. Shera's dad also ran and ended with a time of 04:15:19). Shera and I weren't racing for time but we had to finish before 6 hours. AND WE DID!!! I am so proud of us. Back in March when we decided to train, we had both just had our second baby. It's been quite the journey. You'll have to go to her blog to hear all about our crazy cat story. Also back in March I asked John if he would help me with the marathon. Some nights he would come home from work and I would literally throw the kids on him and go running for hours. He has been so supportive with all my crazy ideas and I love him, which makes me wonder why I don't have more pics of him and I on the blog. He really is the best husband and dad. Well, there's my novel. I can now check a marathon off my top ten list. Shera we rock!
I'm waiting for my marathon pics to be developed so stay tuned....

Monday, September 8, 2008

Last weekend we went to Nephi Canyon for the Jenkins family reunion. We were only able to spend a few hours on Saturday night and Sunday morning but it was fun to visit and see everyone.

Granny Great and Layla

Gramps singing around the campfire is my favorite part!

On Sunday, Grandma read books to Gray and Layla in the trailer.